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***​We’ve loved every minute of our journey. We began as Specialty Florists - but always suckers for Pumpkins.

So floral design grew and changed and morphed into pumpkin head designs...Then we grew and changed again; Assemblage Art, Boutique items and So Much More!!!

The Skittish Pixie features an Eclectic

mix of Merchandise at varying price points. Keep Calm: Shop Pixie...the continuous soiree!

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An Idea Is Born

Inspired, Hand Made ART affordable and attainable for all who appreciate Craftsmanship.

We started with a love of Pumpkins...

Then, created veggie characters; Snowmen with Attitude - Snuffy and Stubby pictured to the right; Patriotic Bunnies and any other little guy or gal who strikes our fancy. But we haven't stopped there! Nope, Assemblage Art: working with found objects has netted some pretty incredible pieces. Our favorite is Chiseled In Award Winner.

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